January 30, 2023

How to Spice up your dating profile with Yogev Almog

In this episode of the Beyond Dating podcast, Stephanie and Yogev discuss the process of creating a dating profile and how to make oneself seem enticing to potential matches. They also talk about the importance of having a wide vocabulary and being able to effectively communicate one's desires in a dating profile. Yogev offers to revamp Stephanie's dating profile and they discuss the concept of being a pleasure Dom, which involves finding fulfillment in giving pleasure to one's partner. The conversation also touches on the use of kink in dating.

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[00:00:00] Yogev: Now people can just ask you about any of those things and you don't have to deal with any more of the like, you don't have to like fuck around with anyone who's not going to actually read your profile.

[00:00:18] Stephanie: This is such a good profile. I would actually swipe on. Myself,

[00:00:20] Yogev: remember this one? I would

[00:00:24] Stephanie: today on Beyond Dating Yoga helped me write my bio for my profile. Check it out, not my profile.

And our sponsor for today's episodes is beyond the newest dating app in town. Check it out@datebeyond.co. Go with this. This is gonna be

[00:01:02] Yogev: fun. Doing great. Or is that okay? Look at step.

Steph. Mic check. You want me to sit? Two? Two. We get up in the club. What you going to do this? It's his is too far this way? Okay. Okay.

Oh yeah. I was about to rip this off, but yeah, I think cup may be better. Yeah. We got

[00:01:30] Stephanie: mugs here, you know, aesthetic. Yeah. Pink mug. I know. Oh, how do you feel about pink

[00:01:36] Yogev: mugs? Pink mugs Pink. Yeah. I like pink mugs. I like all colors mugs. Okay. I'm, I'm, I'm an equal opportunity mugger. I was gonna , I was gonna say that, but maybe, maybe we don't say that.

equal. Listen, this is New York. I get it. But also,

[00:01:54] Stephanie: That's what the importance of words

[00:01:55] Yogev: says, right R thank you for by way,

[00:02:01] Stephanie: Welcome to Beyond After Dark.

[00:02:05] Yogev: It's turned into an ass mirror. We are here, we're just gonna talk of like this the whole entire time.

[00:02:10] Stephanie: Yes, we're gonna talk like this the whole entire time and thank you for coming onto my show, Yogi. I'm very glad to

[00:02:16] Yogev: be here. . It's. Pleasure to be here. The

[00:02:20] Stephanie: pleasure. Oh, so, um, what's your favorite pleasure word?

[00:02:28] Yogev: My favorite pleasure word? Hmm.

[00:02:35] Stephanie: Ravage. Can you say it again for me? Ravage Ravage. Ravage. Why is ravage your favorite word?

[00:02:44] Yogev: Because it Ooh, okay. . It like implies like this rough connotation. Mm-hmm. , but there's still more of this sensual addition to it. So it's like when someone's saying like, I'm going to like, fuck your brains out. That seems just like very teenager, right?

Mm-hmm. , like ravage, like you looked for that word. That word is very like there's control. Like the, the, like, the taking over of control, but there's also still this little bit of like, respect there. Mm-hmm. , like, I'm, I'm like, I'm going to ravage you. Like I'm, I'm going to take over con like control. I'm gonna like do this.

I'm gonna destroy you. But like, it's like controlled, destroy destruction, like mutual destruction.

[00:03:32] Stephanie: Mm-hmm. . So how do you like to use words to control your situations that you get into? .

[00:03:39] Yogev: Well, choosing the right words is controlling the situation, right? Mm-hmm. . So I think a lot of people will take like the easy way out when they're like trying to say like, seduce someone.

Like they're, they're gonna be like, they kind of just get very direct with it and they kind of just paint a really shitty picture. . Mm-hmm. . And I think when you get the opportunity to think about your words and. I, I typically will go through a lot of this processes when I'm like sexting. Mm-hmm. . So when I sext, like I'm gonna take a moment to, to like build the image in my head and like get all the details down.

And then when I'm getting all the details down in my brain, then you start to like, pull the words together. Start to go from dislike. What are we, like, what's the connotation here? What's the context? What. What do I, what am I getting at that this person likes? What are some of the things that they like? So it's a lot of like discovery.

So earlier in the conversation, I'm asking a lot of questions. I'm getting down into this, this deeper like get to know you type thing. And it's never really, doesn't seem intentional, but like you can really gauge. , how a person acts, what they feel, what they like in those earlier conversations. And then when you get to this point, when you're like pulling all these words together, like you start to see like, oh, do they like things more gentle?

Or are they like things a little bit more rough? Are they more sensual or are they more animalistic? Do they like, you know, just kind of like peace, all of these different images together. And then from there you can start to pick the right words for that person. So like having a really wide vocabulary definitely helps.

But also understanding, I think what makes it a lot better, a lot more sensual, a lot more like akin to that person. Like really connecting with that person is like figuring out what they like. And then from there you can use kind of whatever language you want to really pull them in. Mm-hmm. , because that's the thing is that like sex thing can vary person to person, but when you have, when you're like actually gauging them on like using the right.

It's like the difference between someone being like, kind of turned on and someone like melting

[00:05:56] Stephanie: Ooh, melting. I like that. Exactly. So I want more sexing tips cuz you know, I'm, I'm really bad at sexing. Um, that's kind of embarrassing to say, but what, you know, I'll admit it. I'm bad sex too. . .

[00:06:08] Yogev: What do you consider a bad sexter though?

That's the thing.

[00:06:11] Stephanie: I mean, I, I really. Use words when I sex, I'm like, oh, here's a, here's a picture of me. Don't you think it's hot like because I'm, I'm kind of awkward when I speak with people. Mm-hmm. or via text. Sure. So I'm just a bad texter in general,

[00:06:29] Yogev: so I'm working on that. Okay. Tips, I mean, lot of questions.

What do you wanna do to me? How do you, where do you want me, where do you like, that's, it really depends on where the power dynamic is. Mm-hmm. so, If you are in the position of power, there's the, there's the, what do you want me to do to you? And then kind of like gauging where the other person is at. It's, it's really like an ebb and flow thing.

So unfortunately, if they're a bad sexter too, it's gonna be really difficult to get a bit of that information and then you have to start guessing. Mm-hmm. . And that's the really annoying thing about it. That's, that's the one thing I actually really don't like. People who will put together a profile on like Field or Tinder, and then you get to this kind of, you don't really have a really good entry point.

Mm-hmm. . And if you don't have a good entry point, you don't have a way to really gauge like what they want or how they want things. Like I was just, I just got a, a text from someone like on On Field that I was like, oh hey, like are you in New York right now? And cuz I had nothing to really go off of.

Their desires were, , um, , what was it? Um, getting high, having fun. . It's like, I don't know what to do with that. I'm sorry. I, I mean, I like those too. . I like those. I like those as well. But that's like baseline. Mm-hmm. . All right. So I don't really, let's go with, I don't really know where to go from there. And they asked me like, what are your desires?

And it's like, All right. Well, you clearly didn't read my profile because I have everything very perfectly laid out. Like if you were to read my whole entire pro profile, not only do you have like six or seven different entry points you have, like what I like, what I like to receive, what I like to give, like all of those things are super, super important.

You have to give people as many entry points as humanly possible or else what's the conversation gonna be? So

[00:08:24] Stephanie: could you help me like, set up my dating profile? Yes. Because I'm also really bad at that. I completely rely on my photos. Uh, ,

[00:08:31] Yogev: do we wanna do this right now? Do you want me to look at your phone?

Like, just gimme your profile and let me just,

[00:08:35] Stephanie: oh, I can't expose myself like that. You know, you gotta swipe and, and come across me. Okay. But you know, what are some tips? You know, when I'm trying to set up a dating profile, what should I put in my bio? How do I make myself seem enticing to. .

[00:08:47] Yogev: So, okay. This is, this is great.

So my, my friends and I, we like to use our profiles as if they were like an ad. So if you were to think about it in the same way that you have like an enticing ad, like what is, like, what value do you give, what are some of the things that you offer? are special about you. So you wanna talk about your interests, you want to talk about any, like special talents or anything like that.

You want to talk about, um, your like point of views, like your opinions on things. But like, obviously like don't, don't talk about politics, don't talk about like, the one thing that I will always swipe no to, like swipe away from people who say, , like no gen, no liberals, or no conservatives or like, it doesn't matter which way, like I don't care, like I'm.

I'm liberal, but like, I don't, when someone starts to put all the things that they don't want, um, that's like telling me that you think more of the negative things than you do with the positive things. So that's like a big thing. So if you're like, oh, I, uh, I only date guys who are hung and who are, um, who are fit and who do this and who do, and to me you're just, you're just expose yourself as someone who's incredibly picky and there's nothing wrong.

Having preferences, but to me there is something wrong with being like picky to the point where you're, you're just like showing your cards in like a wrong way. Like you can tell people what you like, oh, I'm really into this type of person. I'm really into. So like, if you like fit dudes, I like people who have a healthy, who like live a healthy lifestyle and like to take care of.

It's a very nice way of putting that. Like, you don't have to be, like, you have to have a six pack where I won't fuck you . Mm-hmm. . That's just rude. It's just, that's just rude. We don't have to go there. Um, but yeah. Talk about the things that you like. Right? So talk about, I like to, I hate seeing the whole like, oh, I like to hike.

I like to find new fun experiences. Like, all right, we're all here for fun, new experiences. I get that. Mm-hmm. . But what type of things do you want to do on your own time? Like, I love to go to shows and. Like, I like to go watch comedy. I like to go watch. Um, I like to like stay inside and like watch tv. So like, part of my profile, it's like things that we should be probably interested, you should probably be interested in, um, watching TV and movies, getting high cuddling with gushers.

Oh, like, yeah. That's, that's a lovely little like Thursday night for me. Like, I'm ha I will have a very happy time just like cuddling, eating gushers. , maybe those gushers aren't edible gushers, which I just recently found, which are fantastic. Um, like I talk about all the things that you are interested in doing and then like talk about your, especially when we're talking about like kink or like BDSM or just poly, like have like your vanilla interests and also have like your, like, you know, not so vanilla interests.

You have to have both up there. Um, like it's, in most of my profiles I say that I. Like a pleasure dom, like a daddy dom. And I'm also polyamorous, so I have to be upfront about those things. Or else when we get into conversations, like I've gotten into conversations where I know the person did not read my profile because the second it comes up that I'm polyamorous or that I'm a daddy dom, they're like, oh, I'm not interested in that.

And they're like, okay, well why'd you like, why'd you waste your time profile is to not waste your time or my. . So get all the things that you want to talk about out of the way. Get all the things that you're interested out of the way. Give entry points to have conversations about those things. But don't use it as a way to like, I don't know, just like put random shit there cuz people will put random shit there or they put nothing there.

And that's the worst. Oh my

[00:12:35] Stephanie: gosh. I'm the

[00:12:36] Yogev: worst. Then , we're gonna change that today. Yes, you can. At the end of this, we're changing that today. You can revamp my whole profile. I will. I will go from, I will offer my services. I will go pick out the pictures of you. I will pick out. Just gimme a list of all the things that you want to talk about.

I got you. Oh, perfect.

[00:12:54] Stephanie: Amazing. So you said you're a pleasure Dom and a pleasure Dom. Yes. Yes. So what is

[00:13:01] Yogev: that? So I, okay, so there are like many different types of doms. There are the, like the sirs, and that's a little more formal. It's like, it's like a more of, um, I don't even know how to really fully explain that dynamic.

Aer, it just like, it comes off as like, uh, like you're a, like a formal human being and like the, the relationship is typically a lot more formal. Um, and Oh, did carry on. We're gonna do it on the, we're gonna do it on the, on the podcast, right? I'm setting up my dating profile. I will, I will set it up right here and right now, but, um, oh my goodness.

Yeah. So being a pleasure, Dom means that, like, for me, . What I get out of like a relationship with like a sub is how many times like I can get them to like come or like how much pleasure they get. So my like fulfillment comes from like their coming or their fulfillment. So a lot of people like the whole idea of like a service sub and like service subs are great, but.

I want to be able to just make this like overwhelm this person with like orgasms. That's just like my, what I want. Yeah. Um, and that kind of sits on like the pleasure dom slash daddy dom spectrum because the whole daddy dom aspect of it is like taking care of others. Um, a lot of people will. Confuse like the, like there's, there's like a very wide range of also like daddy dom, so there are people who like age play and who are like really into like their partner, like regressing to like a childhood type character.

I, I'm not, I'm not interested in that. That's just I, I like, , I'm interested in strong women who need like a place to like put, take their head down. Like they're just like, they're, they're powerful and strong in their life in every other aspect, and they need a space to feel safe and to just like give someone else the reins for a second, like not have control for that one moment.

And I think, uh, it's like a very beautiful space for healing. Mm-hmm. , like both for them and for me because I was also like part of where, , my becoming a dom was like, I didn't have a lot of control in like my childhood and like growing up. And then I didn't really know ways that I could like actually access that, like power that, you know, that being a, I guess a father figure in, in some sense.

And I found kink and that kind of just like opened it up. I was like, oh, I'll try kind of everything. Like I'll try to be submissive. Did not work at all. Like, there were like so many moments where I was like, I. I could do this better. Um, let's sit back and watch this is, this is how you're supposed to do it.

Um, but there were just a lot of moments where I was like trying to put on a lot of different hats and like sir felt too formal and it didn't, I felt like I was taking myself entirely too seriously. I. The whole master slave dynamic doesn't do anything for me at all. Like, I don't want anyone to be a slave.

To me, that just feels weird. I completely agree on that one. . Yeah, . Well, I mean, I just, being Jewish, being Israeli, I was just like, let's not, let's not fuck with that. I don't need, um, we don't need to do that. Uh, but it, yeah, it's just like, again, those two dynamics are just way too serious for me. Like I, I'm like a playful person.

I like to play games. I like to have these, I like to have this like fulfilling, like almost like giggly experience. Like it's not, you know, like we're not laughing our asses off the whole entire fucking time, but there, you know, there are moments where there's like jokes and there's this very like light air to the whole entire experience, and I like that.

I think that's a lot more. Fun for me and just makes things not so like, you don't have to take life too seriously. And like, this is a very good example of like, you can have this like power dynamic and this power exchange and it not be this like crazy, just like super hardcore, like what everyone thinks bd s m actually is.

[00:17:01] Stephanie: So then what really is bdsm? How would you define it

[00:17:04] Yogev: as, uh, how would I define it? I mean, it. . I mean, the way I see it is like a way to, sometimes it's like a way to just like heal some like traumatic experiences that popped into your system. You know, like, so the whole like exchanging and power and stuff.

Like, for me, again, it was, I didn't have power and now I put myself in a position to take over, like, to have that power and like, you know, be trusted with it and feel that like, oh, I, it's safe for me to be in a position of power. also at the same time, it's a, it's an opportunity to, to do something that's like alternative, that's like, not how people will say, like, call it vanilla.

Like it's not mainstream. It's not just like missionary and doggy and then like, maybe like a light spank on the ass. Like it's not, it's, it's an opportunity to explore more primal and more primal, like urges and just things that are, I don't know, just kind of feel like natural even though they don't feel like.

right. In society. Like there's this, this standard of what is okay and what's not okay. And I think there is, at least in the West, there is just onus on like stunting sexuality, even though it's absolutely everywhere. It's in all our marketing. It's in like, it's on tv, it's in movies and we talk about it all the time.

But like we talk about it very lightly, like only into a certain. and there's just like so much more depth. And I think BDSM is like part of that depth, the, you know, the impact play or the, um, like breath play or, um, you know, put putting titles on something, role-playing or like any of these extra extraneous things that are like villainized and like people, you're like a degenerate if you do those things.

When in reality there are so many people, , who are just like very productive human beings, very productive members of society, and like some of 'em like to be choked a little bit. Like, you know, some of 'em, like some spit in their mouth and like it's all okay. Like that's, you know, that doesn't make them wrong or bad, it just means that they have different preferences than other people.

[00:19:19] Stephanie: Mm-hmm. . , do you have any tips for anyone looking to, you know, start exploring in this way? Oh,

[00:19:27] Yogev: read like a lot. Read. Read? Yeah. What do you like to read then? So, there are a couple books that come off the top of my head. So there is, there's this one massive book, it's called The Ultimate Guide to Kink. Um, . You got it on Amazon.

I'm pretty sure I've seen it in the bookstore before. I think you, you might have seen it in like my room too, , like, it's like, right. Yeah. It's like this really huge thick book. Yeah. Uh, it's, you can't unsee it. It's, it's funny. Um, yeah, it's like a very, very helpful, there's the book of topping. There's the book of bottoming.

Uh, there are Reddit feeds upon Reddit feeds about all of it. Like you can really just like start thinking about what are the things that you enjoy. So if. Getting spanked or getting paddled or flogged is interesting to you. Look up impact play, um, start to read books about those things. Like there are a thousand books about them.

Like there are so many reading lists out there that you can look for. On top of that, you can go to, um,

Escaping my, my mind. So there, there are all these, like these organizations that have like play parties, right? So there is, like in New York, there's like NSF W there is, uh, the Hacienda community. There is um, um, take Me Out, I think it's called. Um, but there are just a bunch of these different communities that like, they have play parties, but on top of those play parties, they have these.

Little workshops, so like how to tie someone up. So there's like a whole entire like shibari workshop and then there is like a pro do that comes in and they give their experience on what it's like to be this type of dom. So there are like daddy doms that come in and talk about that. There are masters who come in and talk about that and they bring their subs and you know, it's the whole entire, like you get like the whole entire experience.

Yeah, just like learn from other people, like books, other people in the community. Be very curious, uh, and then find someone you feel safe with and start. , like have the conversation, have the consent conversation in the beginning, here's what I want to do, here's what I'm interested in, here's what's off limits, here's what's on, here's like what's on the table.

And yeah, from there, just like start exploring and like know that it's not gonna be perfect, it's gonna be messy. Like, like you might cross a boundary accidentally, but like have those conversations. Make sure that when you do cross that boundary, if you do cross that boundary, you have, you continue to have conversations, okay, what was wrong here?

What did we do that like wasn't established? How do we fix this next time? How are we going to make sure that we stay safe? How do we continue to create safety for each other and just continue going? Because again, it's not, it's not a perfect process. There's no. Uh, while I'm saying there is an ultimate guide to kink, there is no actual rule, rule book to the, to these things.

There is no one way that you can do this. So you have to source as much information, information as you possibly can and formulate your own opinions and then talk to people who have those same opinions and work those things out. .

[00:22:31] Stephanie: Wow, that's so interesting. I actually, it's, it's funny that you mentioned like exploring and trying new things.

Mm-hmm. , because I actually just this past week actually met a, a woman who is like a ChAARI expert. Ooh. And she like tied me up and it was not, Like a very, it wasn't like a sexual experience between us, but it was a very sensual experience. Hmm, okay. And I really appreciated it a lot. Like it was a very like new experience for me.

Like I like the constricted ness of it all, . And it was just really interesting and it was like new. and I've, I've explored in, in different ways. You know, we'll talk about that later, but sure, ,

[00:23:15] Yogev: let's definitely talk about that later. , you know what we should

[00:23:17] Stephanie: do instead? Let's just make my profile before I, let's do it.

Expose myself way too

[00:23:21] Yogev: much. , before we do that, I just want to, I do want to note like that, that it was essential experience for you. That is like the beauty of like kink and bds m and it's. Whatever container that you want it to be. Mm-hmm. . So you guys set that container, you said it wasn't going to be a sexual one.

You didn't, maybe you didn't verbalize it of, hey, this isn't gonna be a sexual experience, I'm just teaching you stuff. Mm-hmm. , but there sometimes like you can just. Have like play in that energy and be that energy and it not be a sexual one. It could be an informative one. Right? So like that felt like you were learning something.

Mm-hmm. . And at the same time you connected with this person, but it wasn't in such a way where you were like gonna fuck. Like, and that's. That's totally amazing, right? Like you, it's, you set the container, it's whatever you say it is, and however, in whatever way you want it to show up. And I think that's really awesome.

Yeah. It was

[00:24:14] Stephanie: beautiful. All right. Okay. Let's out. Here I am. Here we go. Okay. , here's my profile. You can read it.

[00:24:28] Yogev: Okay. Um, . Here's my

[00:24:30] Stephanie: bio. It's

[00:24:31] Yogev: so bad. You guys. You guys wanna hear this? So boys are fun, but girls are majestic. True. That is also the only thing that is written though, . Okay. All right. Oh, this is Interests Hobby. Okay, so we have desires, uh, ooh, . Okay. Desires. We have three, three ways. Singles, couples, group Central watching for play Poly.

Okay, great. So we have, we have some sort of start here. All right. There are people who have absolutely nothing on this pitch. I'm about 1% . You're, you're not that percent. Yeah. That's those people. Mm-hmm. . Sorry. I'm just gonna have to rail on them cuz you, I just give you context like you've, this is. Okay.

Like mine, I utilize every, almost every single character. Like there's 1500 character count, I have 1200 of those. Oh my. So you can read that if you'd like. Um, but give a little bit of like a comparison as to like this, you know, boys are majestic, but wow. Boys are fun, but girls are majestic. Yeah. . This is so much better than mine.

It's very lengthy . It's intentionally lengthy. Okay,

[00:25:42] Stephanie: I'm gonna read it out. Oh, go for it. Do I have your consent? You have my consent. Amazing. Manhattan based writer, singer, and staunch supporter of the Oxford comma. Hmm. Six foot E N F P, an AGRAM. Eight. Mm-hmm. Slitherin. This totally qualifies as a personality test.

It does. Insatiable leftist. Polyamorous and experience pleasure. Daddy Dom. Looking to one, connect with kinky, curious, intelligent people to engage in witty banter three. and if the energy is right between us, safely guide you into subspace. That was definitely a mouthful. Oh, yes. Overly enthusiastic about giving orgasms, taking your breath away and pulling you in closer by the nap of your neck.

Consensually, of course, boundaries and respect, comfort first. As do you. Oof. Okay. , vaccinated, boosted, and regularly tested for STIs because that's something you need to know. I enjoy good conversation. Belly laughs and am mostly interested in casual yet intimate encounters for right now. Or a friends with benefits situation, assuming we're actually going to be friends using the correct form of there, there, and there is a huge turn on.

Also, wouldn't hate it. If you enjoyed watching tv, eating gushers and cuddling, choose your path. Show me your silliest tattoo, or ask me about my toy chest. Ooh, note, my hair is a bit longer now, most recent is the first. .

[00:27:18] Yogev: Yes. So actually I might have changed that. There's a, there's one other picture of my hair, longer hair, but you kind of get the whole entire sense of like, who I am, what I'm interested in, what I'm here for.

Um, we, yeah, like at the very top, like you kind of already get a sense of like, all right, so you know how tall I am, you know, my personality based off of these tests. You can like look, look them up and like figure it out for yourself. I tell you literally what I'm looking. Uh, there's like a little bit of like cheekiness in there.

So I'm talking about like, you know, you get a little bit of my personality. Um, yeah, you just kind of get like the whole entire gist. Like there's at least four or five different talking points that you can enter the conversation with. Mm-hmm. . And a couple times I've had people just send me like a silly tattoo and they're like, so this is my silly tattoo.

I wanted to talk about this. And I'm like, oh, great. And then at some point they'd be like, all right, so like I asked you about that. Like, here's the other route. What about your toy chest and like, and the last picture is like my toy chest. So you can get a whole entire sense of like, who I am and like what I'm about.

So let's do that with you right now. Let's, we've, we've worked that out. Um, I'm gonna keep, this boys are fun, but girls are majestic at the very, very bottom cuz that's a fun little way to end on and all right. So give me, give me a couple of thoughts right now. So what are you typically looking. ,

[00:28:40] Stephanie: um, maybe monogamous or open or some sort of openish relationship because I like girls and guys, you know?

Yeah. I want a girlfriend and a boyfriend. Mm-hmm. , and I would love for them all to be friends at the same

[00:28:57] Yogev: time, . So, okay, so you're, you're partnered already, so, um, I'm so nervous, , let me think. All right, so you kind of want. Uh, oh. No, actually I'll do this right here. So boys are fun, but girls are majestic.

Looking for the other half to my other half. Nice. All right. So model entrepreneur, co-founder of Beyond, uh, introverted Extrovert, who's looking to push her boundaries and lean into her edges. Boys are fun, but girls are majestic looking for the other, for the. other half to my other half would love to have my girlfriend and boyfriend be best friends.

Foodie, who loves pleasure, nature, and deep connection. Respect, intimacy, and depth are key. If we're going to get along, ask me about my naughty side already. You have a way, way more in depth. Now. People can just ask you about any of those things. Mm-hmm. , and you don't have to deal with any more of the, Hey, how you doing?

Hey, what's. Oh, you look interesting. Like yes, I know all of those things, but now you have an opening for these people to actually like ask you an AEG legitimate question and now you can like, you don't have to like, Fuck around with anyone who's not going to actually read your profile. This

[00:30:13] Stephanie: is such a good profile.

I would actually swipe on myself for this one. I would hope

[00:30:16] Yogev: you .

[00:30:18] Stephanie: I love it. So, um, what room for growth do you personally have then in dating? Last question.

[00:30:27] Yogev: I would say I, all of it honestly. Like I, I love where I'm at right now, but I think the important thing about. Like relationships is that there's always room for growth.

Mm-hmm. , there's always room for more depth. I can always be, uh, someone who holds more space for people. I can always have like a higher capacity for love and for intimacy. Like I already have very high capacity for love and intimacy, like I'm polyamorous. I believe that you can love many people. You can have varying degrees of depth to relationships and that's, that's great.

But my journey is, Not ending anytime soon. Like I will always learn something new about myself through other people. That's why I love polyamory cuz you get to meet a different version of yourself whenever you get to interact and connect with someone. And the more people I get to connect and to love on and to to explore with is a deeper exploration of the.

[00:31:26] Stephanie: Oh, that's incredible. Well, thank you for helping me set up my dating profile. Welcome. I hope I get some more swipes now. , and sharing everything. This has been really fun. I've had a fantastic time . Hope to chat again soon.

[00:31:39] Yogev: Yes, absolutely. Let's do it again very soon. Yes.

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