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A dating app for
modern relationships

Our mission is to curate a community for
honest and intentional dating.

Beyond Logo
A dating app for
modern relationships

Our mission is to curate a private community for
honest and intentional dating.

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Values aligned community

We believe dating should be honest, intentional, inclusive, and consent-driven.

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Intentional & Honest Dating

Clear intentions from the start

When liking profiles, you are able to state your intentions. Grab coffee, get to know them, hang out right away. Dating isn’t linear, our options shouldn’t be either.

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link profiles

Build your profile solo or with a partner

The more the merrier. Easily switch between modes and get connected to who you want, how you want.

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modern filters

Find who you've been looking for

The first app to allow you to filter
by relationship style & sexual orientation.

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Safety & Privacy

No screenshots allowed

Keep it classy and respect the privacy of others.

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Connect through real interests

No more WhatsApp groups that are hard to follow. Engage at your own pace. Meet new people through interests.


We are a space where people have the freedom to date who they want, how they want.

The future of dating has no place for misogyny, racism, homophobia, sexism, or any other small energy.


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about us

Core Values

We are relentless about embedding our core values in every aspect of what we do and how we do it.

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Be authentic and honest with yourself and others.

We proactively build a diverse community for all.

We are creating a future that is led with consent. We define consent as freely given, reversible, intentional, enthusiastic and specific.

Be mindful and upfront with your intentions.

Embrace your curiosities and explore new parts of yourself.





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